How to expand your outdoor signage influence

The outdoor initiative includes projects designed to increase access to public lands and waters, improve and expand campgrounds and facilities, and make it easier for people to discover and explore New York’s natural resources. It also includes efforts to support outdoor recreation opportunities by expanding outreach and education, and by increasing access to information on all the state’s recreational offerings.

In order to better meet the objectives of the outdoor initiative, the Department of Environmental Conservation (DEC) held a public listening session to hear from residents about how their communities are meeting the challenges of modern-day land conservation and reconnecting Americans with nature. The event was hosted by Secretary of the Interior Ken Salazar and drew a crowd of more than 400 participants from Alton, Illinois and St. Louis, Missouri.

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At the listening session, Salazar emphasized that the outdoor initiative is about more than just conservation and preservation. He noted that the outdoors is a place where people can find peace, connect with their family and friends, learn about history and science, and enjoy healthy activities. The listening sessions are part of a larger national effort to restore America’s connection with nature and promote public lands that are open for recreational use to all Americans, including those with limited or no income.

Local artist Matt Senske was in attendance at the session, and he told The Post that he felt the design of the signs was a missed opportunity to celebrate the city’s historic Belmont Shore. He said the blocky blue signs “looked like they belonged in Valencia at some landlocked mall near Magic Mountain.”

The commission is planning to poll residents on four different designs for the gateways and parking in Belmont Shore, and they’re expected to make a decision soon. Senske will be one of the voters, and he’s hoping that the final design will incorporate some elements of his own.

The city of Long Beach has an ordinance that regulates the types, size, placement, illumination, and content of outdoor business signs. It allows businesses to display one sign per street for business purposes. The signs can’t exceed six square feet, and they must be at least 20 feet from each other. They can’t be posted on public rights of way or on utility poles.

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